Offseconf2019 Onion Harvester

My project as Onion Harvester is accepted in OFFSECONF 2019. Onion Harvester is one of the projects I’m working on it partly. I give a brief presentation about working mechanism of TOR Network and talked about hidden services.

After that, I talked about computations and resources needed in order to find all the addresses.

I uploaded the video to Mr Tajbakhsh Youtube channel and here are some of the photos.

The video is here:

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Introduction to Cryptography and PGP 1

I have a workshop titled “Introduction to Cryptography and PGP” at Urmia University of Technology. I talked about basic concepts of signature and encryption using asymmetric cryptography. Then I talked about PGP which is one of the main usages of this system. I followed the workshop with configuring Thunderbird and GPG4win for applying PGP in Email system. You may find the contents in my previous post about GPG in Thunderbird and the way PGP works.

The pictures of this session is here.

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