Research Interests:

  • Social Networks
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Complex and Multilayer Networks
  • Social Recommender Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Text and Web Mining
  • Machine Learning


  • Java
  • Python
  • Android
  • Social Network Analysis: Gephi, NetworkX
  • SQL and noSQL Management (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, OrientDB, Neo4j)
  • Hadoop/MapReduce
  • C#
  • GIT

Other skills:

  • LaTex
  • Libre Office
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Linux Administration
  • Windows Administration
  • VirtualBox
  • Umbrello
  • Dia Diagram
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • Pencil Prototyper

BSc Students

  • Zahra Hojabri Ganji: UUTMED (A smart phone application for healt care services). See her profile
  • Sajjad HosseinPour: UUTMBA (A smart phone application for estimating the nearest bus based on bus speed and user’s current location). Send him email
  • Reza Zarghamzadeh: Penetration testing the network of Urmia University of Technology.See his profile
  • Mir Masoud Badremiran: UUT Tourist application.See him email
  • Aref Aslani, Nasim Pouria, Delaram Karimi: UUTDM (A download manager in which manages downloads automatically based on schedule and make torrent after the download finishes for better sharing).Visit their site
  • Hadi Sheykhbaglou: VOIP Configuration (He configured VOIP server for internal communication of UUT).Send him email
  • Parisa Dolat Abadi: Elgg two step authentication (A plugin for Elgg social network for enabling two step authentication). Visit her profile
  • Elahe Golenjy: Elgg OAuth simulation (A plugin for Elgg social network for enabling OAuth based web services). Visit her profile
  • Arash Dargahi: Conference Management CMS (A full support CMS for managing conference, events, paymets, and paper review will full customization – theme and plugin support).Visit his website Defence: May 2016
    He also won the first place of the scientific olympiad of the 4th zone (IR). (Link)


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