P0SCon 2018


In this post, I’m going to write about the one day cyber-security conference which was held by Urmia University of Technology, named  Protective and Operational Security (P0SCon).

In Urmia University of Technology, we have decided to hold such a conference about cyber-security and so I was attended to Offsec group Conference 2017 in Teharn and  NOPcon2018 in Istanbul.

There I invited some people and they kindly accepted my invitation for attending and making a speech at the P0SCon2018. The conference held on 20 Aug 2018 at Urmia lake research center of Urmia University.

We had the following speaker in our conference:

And the following speakers gave a technical session at P0SCon 2018:

Contacting P0SCon

You may follow the news and other stuff of P0SCon from the main site available at: http://www.poscon.ir

And the followings are the official accounts of P0SCon:

P0SCon Photos (2018)

Read about the conference at this link


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