Socks Rocks! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good, Bad, Ugly
Good, Bad, Ugly

I recently established a wired connection into my server through my computer. I’ve mixed the protocols (OpenVPN, TOR, SOCKS) to RE-ANONIMIZE myself! I’ve put “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” name on the scenario. Here is a very good picture of it!

Good, Bad, Ugly
Good, Bad, Ugly

The Motivation

Recently, I had some problems with my ISP in connecting my OpenVPN AS free edition on my VPS. The ISP blocked my connection to my VPN and I couldn’t find any solution to this, hence I started an investigation on this matter.

What Cause the Blocking?

Probably the ISP blocks my connection in Network layer when it sees OpenVPN protocol (or port number) in the packet. So the problem is not in the OpenVPN (the GOOD).

I must find a way to bypass the ISP

In other way, TOR is another tool for surfing the web with anonymity, but, it cause lots of problems when accessing sites such as Google, YouTube and etc. using TOR Browser.

You can run TOR and set a SOCKS proxy in your desired browser in order to pass some javascript limitations which are set in TOR BROWSER, but the problem with sites such as Google still remains, then TOR is BAD.

Therefore, TOR can be used for bypassing ISP but TOR is BAD.

The Ugly (for SOCKS)

If I could connect to my VPN Server through TOR, my exit address would be my VPN Server’s and the problem with sites such as Google would solve. It is where I’ve found Proxifier, The UGLY.

Proxifier as ProxyCap or SocksCap is a software to pass whole the traffic of the system through a proxy. And voila! It is the solution. OpenVPN itself is an application which makes a TAP driver for windows and pass the system traffic through the TAP.

The Steps

  1. Start TOR and connect to TOR network
  2. Start configure Proxifier for using TOR. If you use OBFS or FTE, do not forget to exclude them from proxifier to make their connection DIRECT, not through the proxy.
  3. Start OpenVPN GUI client and connect to VPN.
  4. Start an infinite ping and enjoy using the Internet.

Actually the speed may be slower than the direct connection, but it is good if you do not download large files.

OpenVPN Connected
OpenVPN Connected



The steps are depicted in the following picture:

Socks Rocks
Socks Rocks

The final Remark

If you do not use vpn application after connecting to it, Proxifier will drop the connection and reconnecting cause problems. Therefore after connecting, start an infinity ping in order to make the VPN application connected.


  1. noone

    in the “The Steps” section you wrote

    “do not remember” right?
    I think you mean “do not forget”.

    forget = faramosh kardan
    remember = be khater dashtan

    I wish your English were as AGA your guitar :))

    • Thanks for the point. I corrected it. 🙂
      But I do not think you’ve heard my guitar!

  2. tajnia

    Thank you very much, It was a smart

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