NMAP Android

NMAP in Android

In this post, I’m going to talk about my new library for using NMAP in any Android project. I’ve released the library in my GitHub and Bintray. Using the library, you can use NMAP on non rooted Android device.

Harley Quinn Live Broadcast

Broadcast Yourself Through Android

I previously created a “HiddenLiveCamera” library for Android. In Github, I’ve received an issue by geminird indicating that phone no responded. I described the reason and geminird asked for live audio stream.

In another post, I’ve wrote about broadcasting media files (such as mp3) using Mixxx and IceCast. In this post, I’ve write about my library and how to use it in Android projects in order to publish stream from Android. The code of the library is grabbed from CoolMic.

Live Hidden Cam

Android Spy Camera

I was researching about Android Malware and their features, compare them. I’ve found that most of them (actually all) do not support live video stream from Android camera, aka Spy Camera, and one that supports live camera, needs an activity. Therefore, I’ve started a hidden spy camera project to live stream video from Android camera to an Rtmp server without activity, named Live Hidden Camera.

Live Hidden Camera in Action

Connecting to Hidden Mail Server using Android

My Contribution in K9 Android Mail Client

My Contribution in K9 Android Mail Client

K-9 is an attractive, open-source email client for Android with support of IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and exchange protocols. Hence, this client does not support proxy feature. This problem is referenced in #704 #980 #2619. In this post I will talk about my contribution in K-9 project by adding SOCKs proxy feature, which can be used for connecting hidden mail services.

In previous post, I described about connecting Thunderbird, an open source email client for PC, to a hidden mail service. In this post I will talk about modifying K-9 mail and connecting Android client to the hidden mail service.


Ilam CTF: Android Reverse WriteUp

Ilam CTF has been hold on 23rd Nov 2018. Unfortunately I’ve planned other things for 22-23 Nov 2018 and because of the delay in holding the CTF, I couldn’t attend this CTF.

However, I could download the Android Reverse question for future analysis. And the flag is here:


But the WriteUP!