Creating Hidden Mail Service

Installing and Configure Hidden Mail Service over TOR

Previously, I’ve described how to run hidden mail service over TOR and how to connect to it using ThunderBird.

In this post, I’ve create a video demo of what I’ve told in the posts.

Scenario of Creating Hidden Mail Service

The scenario is made up of a mail server (hMailServer) which is located behind a TOR hidden service and do not access to Internet. By means of do not access to Internet, I mean that hMailServer’s access to the Internet is blocked by firewall which it cannot send emails to other servers. It is used to ensure local delivery of emails.

Additionally there are two users: alice and bob over the fake domain of which communicate with each other over the hidden mail server.

Video for Creating Hidden Mail

You can find the video on my Youtube channel. Mr Tajbakhsh Youtube channel

Creating and Configuring Hidden Mail Service over TOR

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